Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Skeleton Moon

Jodie's third solo album is now both out and about. Digital download from Bandcamp, check it out below. Glacial ambience that's strangely calming whilst retaining a good healthy undertone of something not being quite right.

20 tracks. Pay-what-you-want.

If you like it, do please tell people about it. There is no better way to be heard these day than to self replicate digitally through the internet until you pupate and explode through people's faces. Alternatively, you can just retweet it or something. Either or.

Probably not any new Quimper until next year. I mean between the EPs and Jodie's album it's probably enough to be getting on with. I know I mentioned doing a sort of "annual" of tracks that didn't make the EPs, but we're a bit bored of them now and they probably were left off for a reason. If, by some miracle, we find ourselves to be the next Haircut 100 or Fast Food Rockers or something and record labels are clamouring 20 years hence to reissue our back catalogue until we are a dry husk, we shall at least have some bonus tracks.

(there is a very nice alternative version of Thin Theatre I should put up at some point though)


Friday, 24 November 2017

Spool Truffles

Well hello there.

First of all, a massive THANK YOU to all that bought/downloaded/wrote about/generally gave a damn about Little Legs For Little Eggs. We would still be here if you were not, but you make the whole thing much more fun. ACCEPT OUR KIND REGARDS.

The wayward sprint of Thomas Egg is not over yet. There is news. News of egg. News of the new year. More when our hirsute utopian associates are ready to reveal themselves

Here are some reviews/things about the EP







Jodie's long awaited third solo album, that's what. Possibly as soon as this weekend.

Speaking of Jodie, she's recently done the cover art for Night Heron's new album, which you can listen to below. If you like the Cleaners/wistful psych tinged indie, it's worth checking out.

And I think that's about it for now. As always, you can find our music below. Bye-bye!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Werdwolfen - Phantom Circuit Halloween Special

And lo, Werdwolfen did stumble forth from the pit once more, undulating horror emanating from every damned pore as it came closer, ever closer to the light.

Or something.

Sometimes, only sometimes mind, we are Werdwolfen. This is one of those times. We have recorded a new session of EIGHT new tracks (don't worry, they're short) for the latest Halloween special on Phantom Circuit. Have a listen below, and seeing how we have quite a few more listeners lately, below *that* I'll try and explain what exactly Werdwolfen is.

Werdwolfen is stupidity, basically. The idea was always to write and record songs as quickly as possible, preferably whilst drunk. Back in 2010, Jodie, our friend Holly and myself recorded a Christmas album, which was never really released properly, I just put a zip file on a blog I used to write. It was a somewhat chaotic affair which I think ended up with me smacking myself over the head with a Roses tin for percussion at one point. For some reason, a few hundred people downloaded it, and it sort of fell into obscure "what the fuck was that?" territory to be vaguely remembered by a handful of people. One of which was the host of Phantom Circuit, who played a few songs back in 2010 and was such a glutton for punishment he invited us back to record a couple of sessions since.

There aren't currently any Werdwolfen albums or EPs to download/buy. Which is probably for the best for all concerned. If you do have a burning need for Werdwolfen in your life, check out the Phantom Circuit archives for sessions and songs.

Sunday, 15 October 2017



We are Quimper. Quimper are mostly Jodie Lowther and John Vertigen. Jodie tends to do most of our artwork, videos/animation and singing. John tends to do most of the music. Though we swap around when we feel like it.

Strange claustrophobic little songs about strange claustrophobic little things, mostly. We've released various musical*things* over the past five years, mostly via the recently departed record label we used to run (Soft Bodies Records). You can find all of our music on Bandcamp (quimper.bandcamp.com) and our videos on Youtube (www.youtube.com/user/Quimpervideos)

The Associates, John Osborne, Wim Mertens, Severed Heads, John Smith, Broadcast, Pierre et Gilles, Martin Dupont, Legendary Pink Dots, Sandie Shaw, KPM, Bruno Schulz, David Lynch and lots of other bits & bobs.


Because it really used to annoy people. And more recently because it's fun.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Little Legs For Little Eggs

Eggs with legs! Little ones! It might be they take longer to get to where they need to go but they'll get there in the end.

Little Legs For Little Legs is the third in our series of EPs. Or singles. Is four tracks an extended play? I suppose it doesn't really matter these days. Four new songs! All recorded in the last two or three months. It's a bit different from the last couple and fans of our more "pop" material aren't going to find another j-pop-smash-hit-in-a-parallel-world banger here (well, sort of), but I hope you find something you like. It's probably our favourite of the three so far. It is pay-what-you-want, so you can download for now or if you're feeling generous, you can throw us a couple of quid. We like money. We can do terrible things with it.

You can hear the EP here. Artwork is by Jodie.

Future Happenings

A few of you may know our work under the guise of Werdwolfen. Something new will be happening under this name very, very soon. As soon as later this month, come to think of it.

Not sure when the next EP will be. Possibly something before Christmas, but we always do a shameless Christmas cash-in so there's that to think about. Expect activity, anyway.

Gigs. We want to play live! We want to escape and live. We're still working out exactly how to do this. Some of you might have seen us when were were all projectors and panic. It was alright when it worked, but this time we need to do more of a show. We'll keep the panic though, that was fun.

As always, thank you very much for your support. This year has probably been the most fun we've had with Quimper since we've started. And we've only just started...yes, we've technically been around a few years now, but y'know, little legs for little eggs. We'll get there in the end.



Saturday, 23 September 2017


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Little Legs of Thomas Egg

Our next EP nears completion. Four tracks. Probably a little different than the last couple but still the same idea. This lot are a bit more off.

A couple of people recently have asked why we haven't done an album yet. The idea is that when we do a full length release it will be somewhat elaborate. A collection of videos & animations and some sort of live show that'll mean mobilising people to help perform our songs. We don't just want to stand behind a projector again. It'll be a show. All of that will require a fair amount of effort on our part and (at this moment in time, at least) I'd like the support of a label with some resources that can help us promote such a thing and give it a physical release.

Now we're not really the type to go round the houses cap in hand to labels and whatnot (it's just embarrassing for both sides), so we'll keep self releasing/promoting EPs and until someone takes an interest in us *or* we slowly gain more of an audience so we can completely DIY the thing in a way that does it justice. Either way, don't hold your breath. Though with every EP we do, new faces seem to pop up to say hello and more people are kind enough to pop their hand in their pocket so yeah...who knows?

In the meantime, our new EP should be out in a couple of weeks. And we're doing something else whilst wearing a different hat for Halloween. More on that nearer the time.

Apart from all that, Jodie illustrated this lovely Dorian Grey cover that you can see above and I've set up an Instagram that'll mostly personal but you'll see some Quimper related stuff (including a small preview of a track from the next EP) now and again.


and Jodie is already over at: